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Are Your Guided Audio Meditations

Hypnosis Audios, Binaural Beats & Subliminals

Really Hitting Your Specific Issues 'Right On'

Or Are They Indirectly'Dallying Around' &

Keeping You Frustratingly STUCK!?


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If you love the concept of guided audio meditations or binaurals because you can just relax and listen to them (and they're supposed to work) but you've;


● Invested a lot of time with them


● Waited and wished they would just work faster so you can be liberated


STILL got big, daunting and unreleased blocks in some areas of 'self'


● Still been looking and hoping for real 'grand slam' results with audio meditations


● Wished they could be more exciting and open up new possibilities


Well, Relief is here!  It's time to find out about 'Powerliminals'!


Powerliminals are different from other audio meditation or brainwave entrainment programs because instead of affecting your 'general' sub-consciousness, Alpha or Delta brainwave frequencies, they're


Designed to connect, engage and heal your specific

& different types of conscious energies

Directly & Swiftly


That means your mental, emotional, spiritual & sexual energy


And that's all while you can still relax and put them on replay, letting them do the work without having to wait MONTHS to wonder if they're even working.


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"..this is a completely different state of being. It's shown up in moments, then longer periods and now it's starting to feel like "home"..It's not about me, I'm not doing anything, it's about my connection to the source where everything is going to be fine and there's nothing to worry about."  -Herotransformation


Your life is not 'just' your waking busy 'Beta' state or 'Alpha'.  You're not a generic human being or 'self' are you?  Of course not!  


You have feelings and different types of energy can be felt and 'known' in your holistic 'state'.  Generally THAT is where your actual blocks are anyways more than just your 'thoughts'.


Your anxieties and issues are more specifically IN your

emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual consciousness

and the level of consciousness each of those areas are at.


Powerliminals have this more direct diagnosis of your exact issues and understand that your subjective HUMAN experience of life and 'state' is more practically a holistic




Physical &

Spiritual experience


Any conscious energy blocks in Mind, Body, Heart, Sexiness & Soul can be entirely ALL of what's holding you back in life from infinite happiness, personal and spiritual growth and bliss


if you don't know how to work and release in those areas

specifically and directly


Finally that relevant, direct power of holistic and conscious energy healing comes to the audio meditation format in yummy pro audio resources that really work in the areas YOU want serious growth and transformation in!


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You may have realized that 'inner game', visualization, affirmations and a 'mind' or 'thought'-based approach are often completely ineffective in most cases for real state change or effect because they don't acknowledge, affect and engage the other areas of conscious and subconscious experience where you can still have blocks.


PLUS, they're coming from an ego-based level of power versus a real spiritual connection so it's like you have to 'force' things.  Subliminals are supposed to hit these areas but are they?  Well, you're still seeking more of a home run with audio meditation and consciousness tools aren't you?


But those who can somehow release in these other 'areas' of consciousness specifically (which are central to quality of life) are open to experience miraculous transformations of their dreams. 


Because Powerliminals work not just subliminally but in these other areas of 'self' automatically awakening you practically to spiritual reality and power. 


They literally 'do the work' for you in privacy so you don't have to do months of expensive therapy.  Just pick from the catalog of expanding Powerliminals which areas you would like to heal or really value.


Again, Powerliminals as guided audio meditations work by speaking directly to those conscious energies in your subjectivity with a connection to the divine IN EACH area of subjective consciousness. 


You just get in a relaxed more egoless state to let them work.  And you can use them 24/7 (although not recommended while driving!)


"Powerliminals = Spiritual/Sexual Surgery

..Anyone who is serious about getting this area of their life handled and in control would be a fool not to use these resources- Ace1119


If a guided audio meditation doesn't know how to engage the specific conscious energy AND connect it to divine source consciousness FOR healing, then you may want to start shopping around to fill the gaps that are missing in your conscious personal and spiritual growth collection.


"..got the first powerliminal (AARB) and I loved it!! As powerful as your stuff is, this just blew everything out of the water. My initiation to these products has me sired for life..I find myself wanting to listen to hours of these recording while grounding.


"As of now, these powerliminals are like God-sends and have me covered. This has been the missing link for me. I'm going to buying them up as long as you keep producing them-hopefully forever (mortality aside)!!" 





"Guided Yang Attunement 2 is really incredible. It made me purge a lot that was stuck in the lower chakras. It's the first time I listen to a guided meditation and end up feeling hard like a rock! That's not what spirituality, angels and consciousness are usually about..." -Etienne Charland


If it's real you should start seeing instant results and changes even KNOWING you've finally found the right thing and it should excite you right away!


Like 'HeroTransformation', my legs felt very heavy, very fast,

and the heaviness has worked up to halfway up my torso."

-Dan A., Canada on gYa2


Listening to a good audio meditation should be worth your time everytime too and you should want to keep replaying it...in fact, it should continue to GROW in value the more you experience it (vs. having a quick spike) because you're not only becoming freer each and every time but you're connecting more to source itself and being more awakened.


"I listened to the powerliminal yesterday and it is something else.

I have done a lot of things that engages your energies such as

NG, hypnosis, holosync and different meditations and

this powerliminal is a whole different ball game.

It engaged energies in my whole body to an extent I have previously not experienced.  The powerliminal is so good!!!!"


-Fredd82, Sweden


Discover Powerliminals and you'll get more direct, effective and powerful results for specific consciousness blocks that are causing you to hold on and live in anguish; even if they're decades old conditioning, limiting social programming, brain clouds, impossible psychological or emotional blocks or unresolved hidden blocks from childhood. 


Plus, the catalog is expanding so you can pick topics that are hyper-relevant or yummy for YOUR life and subjective transformation.  Higher consciousness has the power to cure all of your non-physical issues and Powerliminals 'bring it'. 


But don't just take my word for it, hear what others are saying and most importantly start experiencing Powerliminals 'divine consciousness reprogramming' for your holistic self to see if they really are all that (and a bag of chips)! 


The testimonials since the launch of Powerliminals audio transformation resources have been nothing less than incredible. 


"I just purchased and listened to the two (included with Receiving Beauty) that are available at the moment. This is spectacular. I've listened to quite a few hypnosis/ subliminal/ entrainment products and this is right at the top in terms of quality and in terms of effect,

there's nothing like it out there.

My base state has been instantly elevated. I can wait to start reading/ posting stories about what new things start showing up in the lives of men who are listening to this. No doubt there will be some great stories coming!"


 - Herotransformation


True healing & freedom IS possible & it's waiting for you!


The expanding catalog is VERY exciting and will include working on your chakras as well as connecting to your Goddess, heart, purpose, rockstar energy charisma, receiving beauty, curing social and performance anxiety, healing traumas, power gratitude, forgiveness, connecting to oneness, etc. 


We may even have guest Powerliminals from other very conscious healers.


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Plus, you'll be 'in the loop' of the exciting new and always relevant world of Powerliminals, bonus, resources and their progressive healing and awakening in your conscious personal growth with exciting, real, priceless, evident results.


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