The 9Dating Powerliminal
Do u desire a deeper SEXUAL, spiritual, emotional and social connection with higher status, 'hot', attractive and evolved women (whether for short-term OR long-term relationship) without manipulative game?

Still get anxieties around beautiful women who seem 'out of ur league' and OWN their power?  Want to do something natural about it to open a higher level of connection with women up than ever before?

U can get the Premium 9Dating Powerliminal Below

What if that Scale of 1-10 Hotness wasn't just about ur 'looks' but was a socially agreeable REFERENCE point and TOOL for ur own date-ability factor and your sexual, spiritual and social evolution as a man in relationship TO modern, goddess/diva spirit and connection with women IN the physical world?

And what if it was true that women don't date out of their league?
Where would that put u?

So how can u converge the gap between what your vibe/presence is attracting to have CONNECTION and effortless attraction with more beautiful women (the EXACT ONES that u desire) instead of DIS-connection, anxiety and frustration?

And aren't there more beautiful and empowered women and goddesses than EVER BEFORE roaming the earth?

"I listened to the audios. Powerful shifting is already occuring with higher quality women responding in real-time" - A.G., 9D customer before he got to the para-blitz versions fast are you willing to LET GO of who you were?

What if u just had to AWAKEN to ur worthiness of this hotness through a process called Acceptance?  Western Natural Grounding and 9D is founded upon this process influenced from ho'oponopono about releasing ur subconscious projections towards women/people of higher status, power and beauty.

The social matrix puts women with beauty and body on a pedestal and by default it makes you feel unworthy and irrelevant as a man; but isn't this ur opportunit to be worthy and equal to that power as a self-reflection?  And to be fluid in the social world as a 9? without having to become a douche, sugar daddy or jerk?

It's Rion and yes I have naturally/socially consensually dated 100s of attractive women and I am in love with women and Goddess.

If you want to evolve yourself from a more personal and 'desiring' field to confidently and naturally attract, socialize, host and date with a hotter level of reality

It isn't just about the superficiality of dating 'hotter women' but really to rise in your co-creative POWER as a man to meet her impersonal 'goddess/diva' power and hold space for it.  Clearing out ur unworthiness and conditioned JUNK will clear the energy field so that high status women will start finding you a cool guy they can trust, hang out with - and date.

; the BRAND NEW Premium: 9Dating Powerliminal will greatly help u do that!!

"..powerliminals...I am pissed at myself for taking so long to find this material."
9D customer (has been on this mailing list for years)
The 9Dating Powerliminal (Order Below)
(the inaugural release in the 9Series!)
includes these power components:


9 Dating Affirmational Reality [10:38 ]

Rion led audio 'level of reality' of dating 9-ness...allow this to soak in. Since I'm speaking FROM experience, it's all congruent. It will feed u the state, beliefs and experience of what it's like dating AS a 9

9 Dating Affirmational {Deep} [10:39]

Get a deeper effect with the more traditional Powerliminal style for ur subconscious

9 Dating Subjective Affirmational [ 28:19 ]

This allows you to start owning that subjective experience of dating hotter women

I've included some power releasing components because for this, I felt it's necessary to hit it in that sweet spot to clear out ur nrg field and projections towards high value women (esp. after coaching men and seeing real things that do hit it). 

Sexy is 'closer to source' and this will help bridge that gap.

Acceptance LP [35:19]
The directive/guide version to release direct resistances to the affirmational statements. Experiment with EFT/Tapping, Lightworking Codes, crystal alchemy and AIR tracks during this (and others)

Acceptance (Subjective) LP [27:54]
The subjective version was too long in its releasing resistance responses, so I didn't make space for repeating. U can still speak along in real-time referencing the script if you desire

"The new additions are incredible (9D)! Talk about value. A+ "

-I.S., 9D customer

9Dating Affirmational/Acceptance Para-Blitz LP [35:22]
Special mix featuring both the directive/guided affirmational AND acceptance tracks simultaneously along with other subliminal style elements including 9D Whispers. The timing isn't meant to be perfect or consciously processable; it's an onslaught to ur subconscious of 9ness.
Feat. Clear Quartz AIR, Quartz Amazonite AIR, Citrine AIR

9Dating Affirmational/Acceptance (Subjective) Para-Blitz LP [28:02]
Special mix similar to the directive/guided version but in the subjective format. It might have a quite different effect so be sure to experiment with it; mix in speaking aloud with the following along the scripts; tuning in to 1 of the tracks, EFT, etc.
Feat. Clear Quartz AIR, Aventurine AIR, Amethyst Lek AIR, Quartz Amazonite AIR


9D Guide PDF
This report right here to get u started

9D Hotness Scale Overview PDF
This will overview our use and reference of the scale

9D Insights PDF
Supportive insights around the subject of 9Dating..much of it taken from the educational/launch promotion

9D Affirmational Subjective Script PDF
Reference this as standalone for affirming/processing aloud or along with the audio version/s. When saying aloud, keep going through time (and the 9D) until you can say it and believe (each statement) it congruently (or as best you can).

9D Acceptance Subjective Script PDF
Use this one on its own or with audios to work on direct resistances to the affirmational statements. These might be easier to believe and were designed in a certain way to remove resistances around the level 9ness.

9D Dating Strategy Booking PDF
Use this to set a time with me when you are ready so we can work on your actual dating/lifestyle strategy and ongoing implementation.

9D Direct Releasing Towards 9's and 10's Script PDF
This is a modified version of an extended releasing script towards women on a pedestal that you can use manually to clear out disconnection and junk from your energy field (which is also causing the anxiety around their power/beauty). Since it's kinda long-form, feel free to jump around and use what works best for you.


How to Date More 9’s Webinar [Full]
[ 165 MB / 1:42:15 / MP4 ]

This is a MAJOR bonus b/c right now it sells for $97 on its own right now. It features deep insights and practical attraction/dating strategy into dating hotter, independent and evolved women.  And if I remember correct; that includes details on how to host legendary house parties with multiple women over (and ending up with new GF's).

Direct Releasing Towards 9's 'n 10's (Subjective) [5 min. / mp3]

This has been a simple power strategy at past live retreats. Now; I've got a nice focused version of it. U can just repeat after me but go through the deep real process yourself and allow whatever emotions to come out without expectation or self-judgment.

Use this as a reusable power component for direct releasing and clearing ur sub-consciousness, presence and projection field (around their status/power) with individual google images of fantasy / women on a pedestal, bikinis, models or women u get triggered in anxiety with (ie. their FB photos). Use it a lot to process through years of junk porn and fantasy condition that might be embedded in your sub-consciousness that is keeping women as fantasy instead of reality.

Also great for freezing Western NG videos and doing direct releasing/acceptance work towards social matrix models. Centered around ho'oponopono it can be nice and direct. Remember this is about being clear, forgiving and accepting of their powers leaving you with more presence and acceptance by them (as a cooler, non-attached guy) instead of non-consciously projecting judgment or disconnection onto them and their social status/beauty/power.



[5 min. / mp3]
This is the male/solo/self version of AIR. It's intent and field resonates the frequencies of self-acceptance at 9 level which will help make it easier to calibrate things and out-process as you go through the 9D program or standalone on its own.


[5 min. / mp3]
This AIR track (looped to 5 minutes) is holding the sustained, experienced and congruent state and presence of attracting, resonating with and experiencing social, sexual and dating lifestyle with '9's of women.

*Any Possible Future SP Audio Cuts
*Any Possible Future SP Powerliminals youtube video mix versions [HD/hq]
*Any Possible Future Direct Statement Female Affirmational Audio
(we already have female support in the para-blitz versions btw)


These pro transformational audios include embedded ho'oponopono, Sedona Method, etc. to get u to a place of greater authentic acceptance of yourself and hot women to clear up your projections and get attraction/dates. 

Like other Powerliminals it works b/c it brings a greater truth, Light and awareness to ur subconscious to hit the sweet spot, shake up lower frequencies and attachments and dissolve dysfunctional programs, conditions and values about sex and all that yummy stuff like that to awaken to a greater subjectivity and your true power.

Why not have the lifestyle of judgment-free CONNECTION you desire WITH real women and Her spirit in liberty by collapsing the gap with Goddess in your actual social and dating lifestyle! 

Start experiencing the fun, kissing and all with more powerful, beautiful women than ever before in ur life as become a clear, effortless, confident, present cool man with them!

Why keep NG 'separate' or just as a 'self'-transformational tool?

So if u value dating more empowered, hot, sexier, cuties (closer to source) while evolving urself as a man IN UR connection to Goddess/diva in the social and sexual/physical world; this is perfect for u!

Order Below

Another Bonus:

Hotter Dating Strategy Session with Me (Rion)

To help you more directly with where you are at right now, to GET to dating 9s faster, integrating and applying it all, you get a 30-40 complimentary strategy session with me so that you're not just 'on your own'.

The 9Dating is the 1st Powerliminal in the 9Series!

Upcoming releases might includeSelf-Image and Social 9

Get the 9Dating Powerliminal Multi-Component Transformational Program 'n start experiencing more natural, sexual confidence, attraction, chemistry 'n dates with Hotter Women Than Ever Before.

To me; I can't put a price on being at that level of reality to date levels of women I've wanted to date (without gaming them).  Could u?

Ready to release the past and open up to a hotter reality of attraction and connection with women starting NOW?

The Premium '9Dating' Powerliminal

Just $197!

OR...Get it in 3 easy payments of $67
Access is available right now for the shown components and then I will be adding more me ASAP with access questions or issues. We can schedule ur free dating strat sesh after u've gone through the program a bit,


p.s. If u would be around a 7.8+ of a man, this is in ur zone for 9-ness...if ur more like a 5, expect to attract and date 7's on that reference scale of social/hotness

p.p.s. It's not about being a 9 in the looks department per se - it's about what women value; confidence, connection and that clear resonance at around their level of hotness ;)


Want to give it a run for the $?  Get the pay plan and start using the program right away...If ur unhappy after a while using it - just ask for a credit or refund

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