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Guided Yang Attunement

4 & 5


Multi Component Programs



GYA 4: Mother Earth


GYA4 will connect you more DEEPLY with divine Feminine energy like nothing else.  It'll expand and build a deeper FOUNDATION which will have priceless ripple effects in all of your other work (including Natural Grounding) and your ability to be present and connext with women and your purpose.


You get multi components to help you connect more powerfully and simply with the Divine Feminine (which at its root is simply EARTH energy).


The GYA4: Mother Earth LP (long play) features entirely new context, power and depth.  It is designed for you to jump in at any time. 


Although the LP is a similar format for Powerliminal users, GYA4 is unlike other Powerliminals in its focus, scope and context.  You will continually be able to reference it and keep growing b/c of it's foundational shifts that will influence other things you've already been working on. 


This gets to the CORE of Yin and Earth energy, divine feminine (the energy that is present in us and in WOMEN).  Working on your conscious and subconsciousness sexually, spiritually (metaphysically), mentally and even emotionally, be prepared for major shifts as the LP continues to rewire your CORE.


This is more advanced, foundational study in relation to other transformational material. 


Including top-end audio processing; the same tools used on countless hit records.

GYA4 LP   [100 MB/ 1 hr. 13 Min.]

GYA4: Men's Healing With Women

This is it's own guided attunement for men as part of GYA4 that focuses more specifically and relevantly on healing issues and relations with women sexually, spiritually, socially and personally.

GYA4 Men’s for Women  [ 30.4 MB/ 33:15 ]

GYA4: Sensing Yin Chi Energy

This training component of GYA4 will get you starting to sense and feel actual Chi life force energy of the Divine Feminine. 

 Since this is so ground-breaking and fundamental, you will want to really open up to the world of Chi b/c it is your DIRECT connection to Mother Earth. 

Transformation is greatly amplified when you can actually connect to Spirit; yin and yang Life force energy itself instead of merely just imagining it. 

This is foundational for advanced Natural Grounding, martial arts and other work for powerful presence, healing, charisma, attraction and influence.

GYA4 Sensing Yin Chi [ 17.4 MB/ 19:03 ]


This is the SAME and SOURCE of the epic

This is the same epic SOURCE as the utube videos

The GYA4: Lower Chakra Work

This training component of GYA4 will get you starting to do self energy healing and being able release tension, balance chakras and facilitate greater sexual presence on your own by working with chi energy and the lower tan tien.

It's meant to actually teach and train you (in audio) so that you can know how to always do this on your own; a gift that keeps on giving and easily worth the investment alone (you're also connecting to my connection of Life Force with and through).

If you're a single this before you go on dates for example to alleviate tension and be more sexually present in your lower chakras.  She'll be able to feel you more in her lower (sexual) chakras; esp. the more connected you are to Yin Chi (divine feminine).

GYA4 Lower Chakra Work [ 27.2 MB/ 29:46 ]


The GYA4: Classic Masculine Grounding

You know that classic masculine 'men's men' look?  That timelessness is Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford when they were younger (as compared to Justin Bieber and the boyish look)?  It's because they're GROUNDED to earth in all of their chakras.

 This is a guided presence transformation component of GYA4 will get you actually GROUNDING yourself by bringing Yin energy up through all of your 7 primary chakras.  Use this as a training and guided resource to know how to do it on your own at anytime. 

WARNING: If done effectively people will notice a major difference about you.  Be prepared for new responses!


GYA4 Classic Masculine [ 13.7 MB/ 14:58 ]



GYA4AIR is powerful earth energy for the first time in this other words actual YIN/divine feminine chi energy that is very present. 


You may start actually feeling it and how it ACCELERATES your ability to sense and work at LIFE FORCE levels...faster than anything else. 


Use it with your own meditations and prepare to be amazed.  Since earth energy is so powerful and vast, you'll find there are no limits to your growth with it on the spiritual and sexual levels.


Because I have such massive experience and connection with the divine feminine PRESENT in this resource, the AIR alone is worth multiple times the investment.

This may soon become a legendary resource of your own.  In the audio format, all of the energy non-physically is still transmitting, thus you are INFLUENCED by the core YIN chi that is very present in the audio.

GYA4 AIR will be its own powerhouse in your transformational arsenal: Core YIN/divine feminine energy itself.  Imagine the possibilities it'll open up for you.


GYA4 AIR  [ 4.57 MB/ 5 Min.]....+ other bonuses 

BONUS: 3 Grounding Crystal AIR tracks!

As powerful alchemical tools, these will help you to MAGICALLY ground

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GYA 5: Subjective I AM

Consciousness/Oneness Powerliminal


A while ago I got a secret resource that shook me up at a transitional time SO MUCH that I ended up in the hospital.

GYA5 leverages that secret resource (which I may reveal soon) and translates it into our Powerliminal format. USE WITH CAUTION.

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Crystal AIR Package 1

24 Different, Authentic tracks

I've already had some very powerful beta-testing experience. Here's a list of what you'll get on 5 minute loop each. These will be new powerhouses to explore and start building a history with.

Magnetite AIR

Smoky Quartz

China Jade Duo


Hematite AIR

Que Sera AIR

Clear Quartz AIR [DT]

Garnet AIR

Spessartine Garnet AIR Solo

Tourmaline Trinity

Tourmaline Solo

Shungite Merkabah

Shungite Trinity

Moldavite AIR

Moldavite + Clear Quartz DT

Moldavite + Serpentine AIR

Shungite Solo AIR

Moldavite + Shungite Merkabah AIR

Lapis Lazuli AIR

Kyanite AIR

Citrine Quartz AIR

Aventurine AIR

Astrophylite AIR

Astrophylite + Kyanite

Sumo Grid AIR w/Lodestone (Magnetite) + Que Sera

Sumo AIR


Just the Crystal AIR Package 1

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GYA 4 & GYA 5 AND Crystal AIR


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Choose from the above options.

These each include all necessary components/lifetime access (including individual AIR tracks, any training, SP, any unlisted bonuses, SuperYang cut (available post launch), etc.). 


*90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee*

This product is officially for entertainment or informational purposes.  No guarantees of the level of healing or transformation can be implied.  You are responsible for any and all changes in your reality, consciousness and health.  Results may vary for everyone.


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