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Charisma is the KEY to sexy, allure...

It's an essential element for rockstars & performers to transcend themselves. 


It will UPGRADE your looks 'in person', socially, on dates and is REALLY important for attracting more of the women you want with online dating.


And yes, you can have it too!  You're actually SUPPOSED TO because you were born with open charisma and expression



Even your physical imperfections become more of a non-issue because people are seeing and respecting you for YOU...you become more attractive and cool.


Even in LOW quality iPod photos with bad lighting, a picture is worth 1000 words.  My presence is coming through loud and clear.  Charisma is the stuff that speaks volumes (esp. to women and in performance) and it's the stuff you can't put a price on.



Image MATTERS because it is a representation of the level of your consciousness and power. 


Are you blocking that flow of power through your presence? 

Are you communicating THE TRUTH of who you are?


For years I was blocking it b/c I valued myself as the man 'behind the camera'.  It wasn't until I aligned with my greater purpose and realized I had to OPEN up my flow to ACCURATELY represent the power and beauty that I have (and have developed iwth Natural Grounding!)


Now, on going through a makeover my image has upgraded and my presence is more accurate.  And through this recent transformation to open-ness and stepping into my power I've discovered secrets of charisma that we couldn't really put a finger on, until now.


Yes, you can upgrade your actual PHYSICAL image from having this rock-star quality with yourself. Is this even the same person?!? 



Yes, it's me 6 weeks ago on the right during a private photo I was doing lighting checks with in Panama (never meant to show anyone).  That is a WORLD of a difference...oh and if you can't sense it, it's women who really can (told you this stuff matters!).


Now (even though I've never looked that crappy as in Panama in public or on dates - thank goodness), I'm more accurately conveying who I really am and the dynamism comes through...it's upgraded my image entirely and it will yours as well ESP. if you've been doing Natural Grounding and other transformational work. 


B/c of my breakthroughs I'm able to really put together some new hot stuff in this Powerliminal audio meditation that you can start using NOW to upgrade your image.  I will be teaching on this professionally for a long time but you don't have to wait.



What are YOU communicating in your presence?  Is your image worth 1000 words?  Is it saying what you WANT it to say?  Are you transcending yourself and harnessing greater power LIKE a movie star (if that power is already inside of you)?


Is your charisma doing the talking so you literally don't have to?  This Powerliminal is made specifically for men to advance them with body language, confidence, image and charisma. 


This is all about upgrading your looks and charisma (which is always relevant if you're a performer).  The photos of me are to show you what happens when you open yourself truly up but you have to work on the deeper levels which is why this audio release will make such a big impact in your life.


To upgrade your looks at least 1 actual point (ie. a 7 to an 8) JUST from listening to the audio alone we're going to have to include stuff like:



 *Shifting your core identification and valuation of self
*Releasing and accepting your body & image
*Working on divine self-esteem
*Releasing on your blocks to sexploitation, glamour & beauty
*Understanding a divine definition of glamour and body
*Empowerment & narcissism vs. divine expression
*Building your new core values
*Resonating WITH rockstar beauty (on the same frequency)
*Stepping into your dharmic template (life purpose path)
*Clearing your conscious and subconsciousness
*Awakening to resonate higher frequencies & power


So THIS kind of stuff is embedded in this Powerliminal so it makes everything easier for you.  Press play and you'll actually start SEEING the changes and others will too.


"Charisma powerliminal is pretty epic; I (already) feel positive changes with my stance and facial expressions..." -DP, Canada


You can work out all you want at the gym and by all kinds of great products which definitely CAN improve your looks and self-confidence but WITHOUT CHARISMA, without that natural, effortless and PRICELESS charm about you that the MOST alluring people have, it's just not going to be the same.



Ever wonder why women go crazy over a certain guy (like Ryan Gosling)?  Charisma


That confidence exudes from him, in his charisma.  So after all the empowering work you've been doing around what I've been teaching and promoting, this audio will really help to open it up and get it out there.


So for now, I've decided to make a brand new Powerliminal that includes big secrets and insights in an easy to use TRANSFORMATIONAL format.  This means you'll be seeing actual changes to your PHYSICAL appearance as if by magic.


So you can grab this new Powerliminal (at a very reasonable launch rate) below with instant access.  Once you have 'it', you won't want to go back because it's the ACCURATE portrayal of the beauty that you've been hiding from the world and it affects the actual physical perception of you. 


This is high level stuff and although I'll be teaching on it for years in different ways, it makes it perfect to get results now from this audio Powerliminal to upgrade YOURself from where you're at to at least 1 point above where you're at. 


Try it for yourself and see!  These are the kind of results you can't put a price on and I don't know of anywhere else where you can directly get the most invaluable thing itself of the 'it' factor other than this and my new training...everything else is indirect at best but I'm here to help you to seriously evolve.


I want to see YOUR before and after pictures with this Powerliminal!


Introducing the Brand New

Special Powerliminal Audio





FULL Program Now Available For Download Immediately After Purchase

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This isn't just a really long one this time, you get transformational components to this package.


LP available now 55:43 length

SP to be added later




Let's step you into your 10-ness!  -Rion


The Charisma Powerliminal

90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Just $147 $67


"Powerliminals change me and give me access to a 'world' that feels like my normal reality but consistently blows my mind, in both subjective experience and results. I don't know what I don't know, and they show me what I'm missing."  - Zack


(With Any Order You Get):


Your Powerliminal resource/s itself in mp3 format

Karmically clear by purchasing (we're working with very high levels of power)

Pro audio processing (the same pro audio plugins used in countless vocals and hit recordings over the years)

• Plus, Lifetime Upgrade Access (IF there are ever technical additions or quality improvements to each specific resource)

Future special discounts or opportunities as a Powerliminal customer

• Video Access or HQ Download if a video version is made


Feel free to email with questions.

(You may have to choose a username and password after you checkout).  Access page should be visible when you are logged in on any page at the top of the right hand column.  Visible and available to paying customers.

1-Time Only Charge

Either way you still get a 90 day money-back guarantee to put them to use.  If you don't upgrade your image by AT LEAST 1 full 'point' on a graded scale (ie. a 7 to an 8) within 90 days b/c of the influence of this audio or for any other reason, you can get a refund.


Comments on some other Powerliminals:

"I can't stop smiling!

I listened to the original two-hour meditation yesterday and first two parts of the "upgraded" DSA - one last night, one this morning. I didn't think I had that much social anxiety, but apparently it had really been running my lafe and dragging me down, because the world feels 1000% better as that way of being drains out of my consciousness.

It's not simply easier to talk and connect with people, but the whole world around me is a so much more enjoyable place. As the ego worries fade and I experience more spiritual connection and interdependence, everything feels lighter, less "important," more free and fun.

People on the street and in the office are making me smile just from enjoying their energy, so much that my cheeks hurt. I had no idea I was so uptight and held back that the taste of freedom is so amazing.

I'm very grateful for this resource. It's like a whole new experience of life, and I know it's only going to get better the more let go of the old way and receive this new way of being.

Thank you!!"  -Herotransformation

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Powerliminals just WORK.  Read more testimonials from others at our forum thread and give these a go for yourself to see real results.


"Hello Rion Excellent resources are the powerliminals. It gives the same or even more

powerful effects as natural grounding does"  -diderio


"As of now, these powerliminals are like God-sends and have me covered. This has been the missing link for me. I'm going to buying them up as long as you keep producing them-hopefully forever (mortality aside)!!"  -zak


Both new and past Powerliminal customers will pay this price until after launch




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