Founder of Natural Grounding Sex Alchemy, Rion presents



Leverage the Real Transformational Power and Magic of Mother Earth's Crystals in your own Meditation, Healing, Alchemy and Natural Grounding!

Now in Audio format!


Get real awakening support from the divine feminine in meta-physical audio format with these guaranteed AUTHENTIC and accurate crystal recordings from Rion's personal activated collection. 

Some of these same crystals in the 1-3 collection have been used powerfully on live clients as well as on himself.


Each on 5 minute loop!


I've been using Crystal AIR in All of my sessions since they began (and there's a reason for it)! - Rion





WHY are crystals so AWESOME and relevant to your healing, freedom, sexuality, awesomeness and masculine awakening of consciousness?


Crystals aren't just pretty, they're serious transformational catalysts and healers for your own awakening with the ability to have instant, deep, profound, lasting and awakening benefits and RESULTS - ESPECIALLY for men who value awakening with the divine feminine.


I've been using them intensively since I began with them.  They've been in all of my live events since then.


If you're already into chi kung or reiki; the energy work is generally divine masculine in nature or essence.  Crystals are of the source Feminine; mother earth so if you're already experienced with reiki or chi kung, crystals allows you to work with the more inherent divine feminine powers


Powers which are essential and integrative for visionaries, creatives, alchemists moving things from the meta-physical into physical reality...And for charisma and sexual attraction transformation/work.


And each crystal has its own meta-physical properties and powers of influence that extend to all areas of human experience.  Many crystals are especially related and beneficial to chakra work. 


Some are great for psychic awakening, others for grounding or detox, connecting with the angelic realms, etc.


Again, crystals are PERFECT for male alchemists who are heavily into Natural Grounding and sex transmutation (alchemy). 


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You don't even have to own several cats to be into crystals now once you start experiencing the benefits - I think you'll be sold for life as well.


Crystals are fully integrated into how I do energy work and alchemy; a power key to the divine feminine for transformation.  I'm pretty much always wearing crystal jewelry or carrying a crystal with me.



(Featured in C_AIR3)


How did Rion discover crystals?


Although he'd known of them it wasn't until Nov. 2014 when visiting Destin Gerek's Malibu home, a fellow room-mate brought out a clear quartz DT wand and all Rion had to hear was 'it amplifies the energy you're already working with' and Rion was sold for life on crystals...




Immediately afterwards during the annual Black Friday weekend, he immersed, researched and bought plenty of crystals on eBay and has grown his collection and powers with them ever since.




(Featured in C_AIR3)


Into crystals already?  Sensitive to energies? 

Alchemist, Healer or Visionary?  How about giving Crystal AIR a go?


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Why would crystal 'AIR' work?...Aren't crystals 'physical'?


Because everything is energy, the actual frequencies and power can be recorded and transmitted.  It's similar to homeopathy in a way except it's with digital audio frequencies as the means of communication.  We live in a vibrational universe.


It's kind of like taking the actual power of a crystal's energy field and all its metaphysical properties and (with headphones or open speakers) filling the entire field with the crystal's actual energy. 


The more sensitive you are to subtle energies, the more power and value you'll get out of it but either way, the crystals energy is influencing non-consciously.  At times it may feel like you are surrounded entirely with charged Tourmaline energy for example.



(Featured in C_AIR3)


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"HOW are crystals 'recorded'?  Aren't they inanimate?"


After knowing there must be a way, Rion came up with the idea intuitively from source b/c as far as we known the idea seems absurd at first and has never been done.  But he had already worked with the concept of silent frequencies in audio previously with Master AIR and ie. ARB AIR (attracting/receiving beauty).


By connecting his palm chakra to the crystal directly in front of the TASCAM audio recorder he expands each crystal's energy field so it is directly affecting the recording input. 


The crystal isn't just 'sitting there and 'ACTION!'...Rion actually feels the real crystal energy and ensures it is actively having influence in the space of the recording itself.  It's actually a mix of yin and yang so you're also getting Rion connected healing powers amplifying the crystal energy.


He authentically records and documents each crystal for accuracy. 


How can you use Crystal AIRs?


As stackable audios or individually






Creative flow


Spiritual Awakening

Opening Chakras 1-12

Attuning/entraining Chakras with Chi

Setting a certain state, mood or environment

Expanding Psychic Powers

Working On Your Subconscious

Sexual Awakening

Clearing energy in a room

Detoxification and much more!



(Featured in C_AIR2)


There are many possibilities especially when you start mixing and matching the options and bringing them into your session intuitively! 


They work perfect with Natural Grounding and open up GREAT possibilities, often directly enhancing the power, depth and results of your session in different areas of consciousness, chakras and layers of self.


What is Ergomenon and are these ergomenon activated?


You can read more about this crystal consciousness from the lost souls of Orion awakening in the world on Etienne's blog. 


The short answer is these are not ergo charged unless otherwise stated (as bonuses).  Ergomenon charged crystals are amongst the most powerful on earth and Rion is 1 of 3 who can activate them to that level. 




Crystal AIR 3

These are included in your AIR3 package:

(not all pictures shown but are of the actual crystals themselves / see bonuses at bottom)


AIR3 is a potent mix and variety of authentic crystal recordings.

(Some) Pictures coming soon

Amethyst DT Wand Lek

This is a little powerful workhorse.


Apache Tier



A form of volcanic obsidian.

Amazing for grounding, relieving anxieties, healing grief but really for much more.


Apache Tier Lek


A smaller one.


Auralite 23

There is 23 minerals in its matrix, which includes:

Titanite, Cocoxenite,Lepidocrosite,Malachite,Hematite, Magnetite,Pyrolusite,Gold,Silver,Platinum,Nickel,Copper,Iron,Limonite,Shpalente,Covelite,Chalcopyrite,Gilaltite,
Epidote,Bornite & Rutile.


Auralite 23 Crystals, are about 1.2 BILLION Years old, having being formed during the Meso-proterozoic age, at the time, when multi cellular creatures, first emerged and began to flourish.

The stone itself, works with the upper chakras, but more specifically, has a healing role all over the body, and on all levels. It is calming, and it acts as a bridge between the worlds.

It is a stone of all empowering knowledge, and inspiration. it will help you greatly, to understand your shortfalls, and your abilities, like never before.

Work with this stone slowly, and get used to it for a time, as it sweeps away debris from your consciousness.

(info from


Clear Lemurian Point Wand (Small)


This one has a special blunt kind of power to it.  Since it's SO new I have to work with it more but u can discover it now.


Danburite 1


Danburite is an upper chakra crystal that works well with your 7th and soul star chakra to accelerate alignment and awakening of connection to source.



Danburite 2 (Lek)


This one I felt as actually more powerful than the large one.  Playing danburite AIR isn't recommended in long doses at first.  Be ready for shifts that may threaten your previous attachments and values in your life.




This also carries the reiki level 1 or 2 attunement with it





Wow...this is a special awakened fast and strong to my energy field before recording; you get it without the actual toxicities to the skin in the crystal itself


Hematite Rough


This one you're gonna love


Lepidolite Wand


Although the tip broke off, it is just as influential as before



An alchemists stone


Mookaite Jasper Slab


I'm new to a lot of these but jasper has been starting off quite well for me. See how it starts working for you




Imagine meditating and alchemizing with a presence that is authentically 4 BILLION years old.  Uhuh.

THIS Is the big mamma jamma...1 of my personal top 5 favorites.  A power source weapon in your arsenal for super grounding.


Clear Quartz Phurba Dagger



This Tibetan design in clear quartz is powerful for assistance in clearing out entities, portals, demons, negative energy, detox, haunted houses, etc.  Once you own these, you are on your own so it's good to have spiritual protection and knowledge in that area


Pyrite Stash


An abundant stash of pyrite 'fools gold' but don't be fooled


Pyrite Wand



THIS is a POWER center right here.  The energy is massive.  1 time it crystalized my lower torso into a solar matrix within 5 seconds.


Quartz With Amazonite Tip


Explore and discover on ur own


Red Forest Jasper Massage Wand


Use this in small doses at first and gauge results...the energy is actually quite potent.


Selenite Wand


This beauty never requires recharging and works great with upper chakras.  I put this under my pillow and had EPIC, deep, lucid dreams that night.  The AIR carries the same energy via transference.


Shungite Merkabah Lek


Just great for a lotta reasons!!  Shungite is a favorite of mine and one of the oldest known on earth with great capabilities.  The energy is undeniable...Great for grounding, EMF protection.  Armies from centuries ago used it to filter water for their troops.  It's got fullerenes and is really potent.


Tibetan Tektite


Bringing u some inter-galactic energies


Tigers Eye Massage Wand


Explore on ur own


Zebra Serpentine



Powerhouse BIG stone for the 2nd chakra and kundalini awakening.  This one also 'woke up' upon connecting to my field.



Also coming:


Peridot Jewel Stash

Amethyst Spirit Cactus

Rainbow Moonstone Wand -

Already epic for enlightened Heart work

ethiopian opal

(Featured in C_AIR2)






That was 3....You can also get the Crystal AIR 1 Set


24 Different, Authentic tracks
I've been using these religiously.

These are powerhouses to explore and start building a history with.

Magnetite AIR Smoky Quartz

China Jade Duo Jet AIR Hematite AIR Que Sera AIR Clear Quartz AIR [DT]

Garnet AIR Spessartine Garnet AIR Solo Tourmaline Trinity

Tourmaline Solo Shungite Merkabah

Shungite Trinity Moldavite AIR Moldavite + Clear Quartz DT

Moldavite + Serpentine AIR Shungite Solo AIR

Moldavite + Shungite Merkabah AIR

Lapis Lazuli AIR Kyanite AIR Citrine Quartz AIR Aventurine AIR

Astrophylite AIR  Astrophylite + Kyanite


Sumo Grid AIR w/Lodestone (Magnetite) + Que Sera

Sumo AIR


Crystal AIR 1 available in the bundle below.

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your own sexual and spiritual growth?


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When you order you will also get:

To be added to ur access later

Bonus 1:

(Semi) Pro photo of EACH activated crystal individually in the entire AIR 3 set Photos above are from the original ebay the crystals are mine.  These will be new photos taken by me that can also be used for energetic influence in different ways by you.

Bonus 2:

Any AIR 3 Intention Stacks added later (as MP3); ie. 'spiritual awakening', 2nd chakra work, etc.

Bonus :

Any AIR 3 Intention Stack HD Videos added later as hq downloads



*90 Day Money Back Guarantee*


Either way 90 day refund (or credit) is available if you are not satisfied.


 This product is officially for entertainment, experimental or informational purposes.  No guarantees of the level of healing or transformation can be expected.  You are responsible for any and all changes in your reality, consciousness and health. 

Results may vary for everyone.


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