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Guided Yang Attunement 6:

Sun/God Powerliminal

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Imagine...Being Effortlessly SEXIER, More Sexual, More Masculine, More Shameless, More Worthy & More Spiritually Evolved Than Ever Before That Something Within Quality Women Can't Help But Heat Up Around You & Excite

Connect to the Power of The SUN for Rare & Deep Subconscious Transformation, Purpose Power & Evolution of Consciousness.

BONUS: Galaxite Crystal AIR!

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Now, you can add GYA6 to your collection to awaken, integrate and embody your greater divine masculine power in an entirely new and yet supportive way to see and EXPERIENCE real and priceless results in your reality (and sex life).

GYA6 is a special and rare resource that will connect you to the ultimate masculine power of the SUN and it's core SEXUAL relationship with the Divine Feminine/Mother Earth (and the energy within ALL of those hot women that you want to attract); to be able to AWAKEN GODDESS from your presence.


Before women (and how much you love and desire them), there was the sun and then it's relationship with the source of meta-Goddess earth.


The Sun & Earth are the original direct creative/sexual force.


You can access the truth of this power to change your life and become a star.  There is much you can learn from the sun to embody including perfect divine expression and presence beyond movie stars.


Your limitations and stuck issues that are holding you back are NO MATCH for the truth and power of the sun and your own divine masculine nature.  GYA6 will take you into a direct spiritual, sexual transformational relationship that can be nothing less than life-changing and massively enhancing.


There is nothing more powerful than SOURCE.  SOURCE of sex itself gives you the practical power to transform and resolve your disconnection with women and your greater masculine power.  You'll already know if this resource is for you so feel free to try it for the full 90 days. 



If the effects are NOT as badass as you desired (and I think it'll only KEEP getting more badass as you awaken and embody), get an unconditional refund or credit (it's only serial refunders that eventually might become an issue with me).


Expand your collection with this PREMIUM and advanced masculine self-transformational resource and let it do magic with your subconscious as you experience more shameless masculine power and penetration in the world - like a star.


You get multi components to help you connect more powerfully and simply with the Divine Masculine sun and radically evolve your consciousness, sexuality, attraction, influence, flow purpose and self-expression.


The GYA6: Sun/God LP [ 54:03 / 98.0 MB]


(Long play) features entirely new context, power and depth with direct connection, value and implications with the source sex power of the Sun and light energy to affect your consciousness.  ower, attraction and success has been conditional and will continue to be until you can leverage the unconditional power and love of sex and Spirit.


LP is designed for you to jump in or around to listen at any time. 


GYA6: SP / SuperCut + HD Video [ xx / xx MB]
Always exciting and more consumable shorter version POWER cut; to be added later to all customers

GYA6: Men's Healing With Women Intro   [ 9:03 / 16.5 MB ]

Rion sets up a proven outlook for making real shifts and changes based on past experiences you have had with women that have shamed, embarrassed or held you back from being more connected with them now in dating and relationships.

GYA6: Men's Healing With Women     [ 26:10 / 47.9 MB ]

This is it's own guided process for men as part of GYA6 that focuses more specifically and relevantly on healing issues and relations with women subjectively.  You will be engaged with this process.

Of understated importance is Rion's embodiment of release itself with these issues and his past as a leading natural dating coach.  Since he's been there he can take you through effective releasing and past attachments.

GYA6: Space     [ 3:32 / 6.49 MB ]

This simple component of GYA6 features simple power phrases with pro reverb for a quick dose and connection of Divine Masculine. 

GYA6: AIR + AIR/Crystal     [ 5:00 / 9:15. MB ]

This key component of GYA6 features a direct connection to mid-day Mexican sunlight with conscious intent.  You'll find it an infinitely valuable component to your sessional mixes and meditation. 


GYA6: Galaxite Crystal AIR    [ 5:00 / 9:13 MB ]

An ALL NEW crystal AIR is featured.  Galaxite is great for creating a transformational environment and working in tandem with this kind of power. 


GYA6: Alchemy Sun Meditation (Coming Soon)

For a DIRECT solar connection with your embodiment, this will be a central component yet to be added (for all GYA6 Customers).

GYA6: Burning Melties Release (Coming Soon)

A special new releasing component to let go of major stuff from your past.

Experience the direct relevance and power of Sun Yang/Divine Masculine energy on your spiritual and sexual reality.  Working on your conscious and subconsciousness sexually, spiritually (metaphysically), mentally and even emotionally, be prepared for major shifts as the LP continues to rewire your CORE.  Watch as your reality changes and people (women) respond to you differently! 


This is more advanced, foundational study in relation to other transformational material. 


Including top-end audio processing; the same tools used on countless hit records.



GYA6 will also greatly cultivate and integration more influential sexual presence and power so that more powerful and beautiful women are naturally affected by your presence.


If it only increased your authentic masculine shamelessness & worthiness by 10% permanently, wouldn't that be a small investment to make? 


What are you missing by NOT being aligned & more embodied with your infinite sexual power and worthiness?  This Powerliminal is DIFFERENT yet complementary to other hot stuff in your transformational journey and arsenal.


You can grab it now @ our early adopter launch rate (why wait anyway?) and dive on in to start reaping results for yourself!


Identify more with and unleash your divine masculine nature INTO the physical, sexual and social reality.

Guided Yang Attunement 6: Sun/God


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*90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee*

This product is officially for entertainment or informational purposes.  No guarantees of the level of healing or transformation can be implied.  You are responsible for any and all changes in your reality, consciousness and health.  Results may vary for everyone.

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