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Powerliminals are designed to heal deeper, subconscious and otherwise untouchable issues @ their CORE by engaging different areas of your consciousness and connecting to a higher energy field of power wherein lies the experience of your dreams.  They just work!


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Guided Yang Attunement 2 (gYa2) + Superyang

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Superyang now available & included (in this bundle)...

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gYa2 and Superyang are basically the most relevant and heavy levels of lower chakra and sexual/spiritual conscious transformation available in the world today.  This is because they're directly connecting you to far greater energy fields and divine sexual and spiritual power. 


You and especially women will notice potentially miraculous shifts in your own energy and charisma.  This affects everything about you. 


Superyang will really connect you to a greater drive and heavy 'weight' to live as a man in today's world while being more wanted and respected by the feminine.  There are countless benefits and it's strongly encouraged that spiritual or conscious men invest in these to start exploring more of their grounded self.


Expect the price to rise and they will be sold separately.  This is a no-brainer investment for the man who is serious about improving himself, spiritual growth, health and wellness, attraction and showing up as his true, greater, more powerful, authentic self at all times.


gYa2 and/or Superyang will continue to pay dividends for years and are infinitely replayable so the value will continue to grow.  This is an investment in yourself.  Just see what others are saying about them!


"Powerliminals = Spiritual/Sexual Surgery

..Anyone who is serious about getting this area of their life handled and in control would be a fool not to use these resources" - Ace1119


"After playing this on loop 3 times, I can say with certainty that I haven't felt this heavy in the last 5 years (while 100% awake and healthy).  At clubs, I get knocked over pretty easily and I'd blame it on being tall and skinny, but understanding that I'm not grounded in THIS WAY puts it more into perspective.

Like 'HeroTransformation', my legs felt very heavy, very fast, and the heaviness has worked up to halfway up my torso." -Dan A., Canada


"As of now, these powerliminals are like God-sends and have me covered. This has been the missing link for me. I'm going to buying them up as long as you keep producing them-hopefully forever (mortality aside)!!"  -zak

"Guided Yang Attunement 2 is really incredible. It made me purge a lot that was stuck in the lower chakras. It's the first time I listen to a guided meditation and end up feeling hard like a rock! That's not what spirituality, angels and consciousness are usually about...


..Powerful balance ;)..I've been going through massive shifts lately and am working on bringing all that new power down into the lower chakras. I'm making good use of the Guided Yang Attunement ;) The first time I busted in tears and laughs."  -Etienne Charland


"..pretty stressed in the time before the exams so I'm generally a little jittery - but right now I can't feel that feeling :D awesome work!" -mattownem



"With dedicated time, effort, and reconditioning of your energy towards high consciousness resources such as this, there is no way anyone can fail to embody their Higher Self and become the natural, opposite and attracting energetic equal of ALL women."  -ace1119

"I meditated to gYa2 this morning and my legs felt VERY heavy. I can literally feel my masculine weight. It's a powerful grounding expereience - I feel more secure and connected to the earth. And I'm noticing I'm commanding more of a presence in the world."

- Herotransformation


"just listening to gYa2 the first time expanded my awareness of Yang energy...The root chakra actually felt more ´activated´ without me focusing on it during the first listening. gYa(1) is awesome but this is even more precise I think. powerful stuff!  -and1, Sweden

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This Powerliminal resource with pro audio processing (and a deep consciousness supplemental reverb & delay effect) is designed for single men to ground to powerful earth and masculine yang energy with a powerful effect of opening, vitalizing and rebalancing their lower 3 chakras.


This is the creme-de-la-creme of re-programming and 1000x more powerful than personal 'affirmations' because it comes from a level of spiritual, sexual and yin/yang polarity of core power and connection to oneness. 


It connects you to these powers itself and effects your lower chakras.  It was so effective just recording it that I had never been so grounded since after the experience which really inspired.


In Medellin we did a 'grounding' session to gYa1 that really warped reality.  The energy felt like magnetic concrete, I felt heavier than a sumo wrestler and some of the men couldn't stand.  They had felt energy in their lower body like never before.


gYa2 is meant to expand on gYa1 to go more into the heaviness of your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.  It was designed to replicate the experience and what I did to get into such a 'heavy' state of consciousness where Etienne then read my energy and my root chakra extended to the cosmos.


In gYa2 I'm putting that same level of power, connection into the resource so you can notice very clear changes and rebalancing of your lower energy fields.


The 3 chakras are very important for many reasons including personal power, sexual power, comfort, financial success, stability, attraction with the feminine, relationships, influence, health and wellness, vitality and much more in life.



This Powerliminal will alter your state of consciousness itself.


It will take you into an instantly deeper state of experience.


It's done in a Super-man pod programming style (when he's flying to earth with programming from his father) on levels light years beyond inner game and personal affirmations based on the disconnected energy field of desire 'wanting' something it can't have.


No more:


Disconnection from your lower body, feeling uncomfortable in a bathing suit, worrying about your 'body type', feeling ungrounded, feeling 'unmanly', being too spiritual or too feminine that it bothers you, not being naturally strong enough to elicit a natural response from women, lack of stability, etc.


You don't have to be a pro bodybuilder to access immense natural and energetic masculine power to BE more present and charismatic in the world.


A strong foundation in your lower body sets a stronger foundation for advanced growth as well and gives you full-on holistic health, wellness, vitality, power, drive, focus and balance. 


Leveraging your yang energy gives you a lot more power to get things done and attract things in your life.


This Powerliminal (using the same professional audio processing used on countless hit records with the #1 software) will affect your consciousness to connect you to greater energy and working with it in your body to effect REAL change that you and women will notice.


You will carry this entire shift of energy with you AND it's a gift that keeps on growing through time.  This isn't something you just do once or get a 'spike' of value from and then it's gone. 


It's designed to connect you more through time as you become more aware as you simply go through the relaxing Powerliminal, it will do magic.  Because my (Rion's) lower chakras are immensely powerful and connected to the moon or cosmos, it's giving you a tremendous advantage. 


That's how I could affect the men at the event including Etienne as we had never felt such grounded, yang masculine power and energy before.


All you have to do is keep listening to it when you're in a relaxed state.  Again, ALL of it is connected, coming from higher experience and higher connection that will heal and release your lower blocks to actually change your reality with women.  Most of it is relaxing and receiving as you resonate with the power even more, it will heal and open your chakras.


If you've loved gYa1, you will love this IF you're still single or in a relationship.  You will notice a far more masculine power and presence often instantly after going through this resource.  So give it a shot!


*90 Day Money Back Guarantee*


So put it to full use and see for yourself!  Just let me know within 90 days if you want a refund.


You get the 14+ minute resource with instant access [.mp3]

(after choosing a username online)


Plus, a shorter 'high-powered' 'Superyang' version [.mp3]

 NOW AVAILABLE!..this will be more replayable, condensed and will be immensely powerful for faster, high-powered maximum yang states, healing, connection and experiences...




You get gYa2 AND Superyang....2 NEW POWERLIMINALS

for the same investment!




I've decided to give all purchasers, an audio layer itself just of connected energy, receiving energy 'Heavy AIR'.  This is where I'll be in a very heavy, connected state and you can just use this on loop to affect your reality.  Bonus now available.


PLUS A hilariously strange 'outtake' reel mp3 bonus

(Which is actually quite loopable)


With these 'solo' versions that are meant to stand on their own, you can also choose to mix them with your supplemental audio like Hans Zimmer soundtracks, etc.


Because I'm channeling higher spiritual truth and sexual power myself in 'making this', like I did with 'SuperHalo', 'Shine' and gYa1 (it's not coming from the literal me or my ego, none of it), I will continue to use this resource myself to be even more connected to powerful yang states like @ the legendary event experience (and beyond).


This is that access point for definitive yang power and the price will be rising after launch week.


You're not likely to find anything out there like this at this level of connection, power and influential result...even if you use subliminal audio programs, how many of those are coming from a truly sexual and spiritual valuation or high level of consciousness? 


Powerliminals work, try it out and start seeing more attraction and health into your life as you become the powerful, attractive, worthy man you COULD be and SHOULD be!


Give it a shot without any risk...90 days money-back guarantee for this Powerliminal (more coming soon!)


Get Both Online Viewable & Downloadable Versions of this resource with infinite power for your reality:


Your Powerliminal resource itself in mp3 format (&.wav by request)

Karmically clear by purchasing (we're working with very high levels of power)

Pro audio processing (the same pro audio used in countless vocals and hit recordings over the years)

• Plus, lifetime Upgrade Access (IF there are ever technical additions or quality improvements to each specific resource)

Future special discounts or coupons for other hot Powerliminals not made available to others



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'Powerliminal Bundle':

Guided Yang Attunement 2 & Superyang'

(All 3 versions + the Bonus Receiving Frequency Energy Track)

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Just $147 $87



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