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7: Divine Masculine Embodiment <> 8: Divine Feminine Embodiment (for Men)

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As men, we've stopped giving ourselves permission...permission to be Prince's, Kings, Warriors and Lovers. Thus; women have lost a lot of hope and inspiration in men.



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We now live in a world where 100 millions of women have taken on Princess as well as Muse and Goddess impersonal qualities of self.

The divine feminine HAS risen..and her presence with its oozing divine self acceptance, sexual value and high social status is causing a LOT of unworthiness and anxiety in countless men.

What are men to do? How can we start reclaiming the eternal IMPERSONAL qualities of masculine 'self' like those of greatness and nobility before us (and without needing to be born into a genetic lineage of successorship) - to be worthy to relate to such powerful and beautiful women as their equals?

This is also why I've created the Guided yang attunement 7 and 8 Powerliminals (inspired during the ayahuasca experience): Divine Masculine/Feminine Embodiment for men.


Enter a NEW path and framework for authentic evolution of masculine power and presence.


Introducing elements of ur unlimited IMPERSONAL self that u have yet to fully allow and embrace!


"Welcome to the future. Now we are entering the realm of 'Lightworking Magic' for faster authentic  transformation and energetic embodiment of results."  -Rion




G7/8 are LOADED with rich, magical transformational assets for u to use in all kinds of different ways to start experiencing more divine masculine presence and starpower.


"Listened to gya 7 prepmed1, general DM embodiment and King. Thank God. Just what I need to be bringing in at this time. Can you get me in on gya8 pls?" - A G7 (now G8 too) customer

In addition to powerful source resources for divine embodiment (like charismatic movie stars) WITH a new and empowered infrastructure;


Be one of the first in the world to experience our upgraded platform technology of The Lightworking Codes (and Crystal Alchemy) integration.


*Access your clear, higher self; bypass the 'denser' human-based growth filters for quantum new self experience and results of presence

*Work from 'zero-ego' state of direct connection to soul and Source consciousness

*Condition your foundational definition of Self as light-body with prepmed1

*'Download' eternal impersonal divine consciousness of heroes, warriors, goddesses; assimilating these otherwise 'out of touch' or 'unworthy' qualities of IMMORTALS as your own without having to 'fake it'

*Receive Divine Transmissions into your energetic body beyond the limits of the ego with the Lightworking Codes Integration built in

*Start experiencing profound new levels of awareness and self-acceptance with Prince, Muse and other SP' for breakneck speed transformations

*Watch how your behavior, sounds, voice and everything starts changing

*Starting resonating as 'one', coherent with high status, powerful, sexy people b/c of this work

*Quantum leap your self-acceptance, self-love and override years of ego-self limitations, unworthiness and disbelief (incl. sexually with the Lover SP)

*Experience congruent behavioral shifts and live with more deep courage, sexiness, confidence that people will start noticing about u..

*Shift your knowing of self into the unlimited practically

*Open up unlimited possibilities of self power, charisma, attraction and expression from here forward...LIKE a professional actor but in ur daily life

Includes Divine Transmissions with 85 TLC techniques for deeper embodiment/integration


Start experiencing this and more for urself and how it changes ur LIFE with G7/8.


Even start living as ur Godself King incarnate on earth with greater, aligned power.


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'Magic' is sometimes stated as something we just aren't aware of yet; like showing an iPad to a caveman.



HOW is such transformational sorcery possible that will allow you to experience deep masculine power, alignment and embodiment?  It begins here with;


The Lightworking Codes.


Consider that your soul is immaterial; literally 'Light'. And it's connected to the greater field of consciousness AS the witnesser/observer.


From this connection to all source, we can literally (now) allow and 'download' the impersonalized power or archetypal aggregate consciousness of Kings, Queens and channel or 'transmit' it into your soul and embodied, expressed self.


G7/8 is about exploring your far greater, more powerful god and goddess self incarnate in this world. 


Because this energy work and these transmissions are coming from a Higher truth, it allows the shadow self and limitations, anxieties to melt away into ur true power.


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See, ur TRUE SELF is unlimited LIGHT and Love...but it's the illusions and veils that are keeping u from OWNING and accepting, shining in ur unlimited power and glory LIKE the gods, warriors, kings, muses, divas and icons of history and the present.


Now; B/c I was resistant to archetypes myself before; this isn't about 'modeling' alpha behavior or anything like that (which I was never in favor of).


It's all about PRESENCE...what is being communicated from the embodiment of ur soul.


As I've mentioned before; it was the ayahuasca experience that brought me 'home' to my light-bodied self and I started literally DOWNLOADING King and other consciousness from the impersonal field using tons of Lightworking Codes.


"you've got the amazing ability to harmonize both the masculine in and feminine
and so proud to be able to teach such a key quality for us all. I was lucky to
have heard you share your experience and enlightenments of your ceremonies.  It
was so very moving and I felt so extremely safe in your presence.  I love recalling
your deep masculine moans..(archetypal qualities coming from higher consciousness
in ceremony; not from my ego-self)"

     - An American woman who knows me from Peru last month


That recent experience in Peru is literally what inspired gya7 and gya8; divine masculine and feminine embodiment.


I admit that it seems kind of out there too - until I experienced it for myself from this 'zero state' of ego connected with my soul to 'the grid' itself.


Here's me after receiving Lightworking Code transmissions (like u will be getting in this program):




It's a far more mature, masculine, protector quality than normal. It gives a grounded freedom for women to be in a trusted, safe environment to be free (remember than, whatever energies/currents are running ie. sexual are 'there and present').


But that's the FUN of it; u can explore different aspects of yourself; parts that u lost touch with or haven't ever connected with or expressed yet that ur soul feels is part of the real you...there are many archetypes (sexiboi, popstar, alpha male, etc.) but G7 gets u started with some major ones; King, Lover, Warrior, LionHeart, Father and Prince.


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"I could (already) sense energy from the codes in the general (embodiment) meditation"   - G7 customer


Now; what are u getting when u invest in these new Powerliminals?


Although full access might seem overwhelming at first (there will be a PDF guide to access); rest easy knowing that I've built it on an incredibly user-friendly and new infrastructure - which gives you many ways to explore using various components with a valuation on usability and results.


Examples of the DTR Divine Transmission Receiving Lightworking Codes Techniques...


C6 (6th Chakra Honorable Receiving for Psychic Awakening as Lionhearted)


Priestess: Magic Alchemist Energy Ball H/-Gun


(u get around 85 of these to help embody and integrate divine consciousness)

Cue Code P2: Prince; Lips/Voice Respected Blessing


btw; We do a LOT of chakra work throughout the program.


Let go of and diminish the needy, narcissistic man-child, tyrant, coward and weakling while start experiencing authentic divine masculine eternal traits of presence, authenticity and charisma emanating from you.


Results that can take decades of 'effort' from a denser, non-Light/soul based paradigm. All power exists in the field of oneness and we start to tap into that direct now.


The courage and power of a Lion exists b/c it is connected to all consciousness.




This isn't a bypass for self; rather a real exploration of untapped divine power and subjectivity to mix with who u are now and to then discover a more ultimate balance of self as u ascend into a 5th dimensional being...much of which u might not have even explored (including of divine feminine characteristics) b/c of the STRONG filters and attachments of self and identity (incl. the social programming and expectations of others which can keep u trapped for decades).


"I really love the new feels warm, connected and high vibrational. Really awesome; this will help a lot of men!" - T.N., Europe


Because of the power involved esp. with the Lightworking integration, we rarely do anything over 5 minutes - and often, u might find urself FRIED after just 5 minutes.


Check out these

Guided yang Attunement 7 Components


*General Divine Masculine Embodiment [11:40]

*Sexy Chi Lightworking: Prepmed1 [20:00]

*King Embodiment SP [5:00]

*Prince Embodiment SP [5:00]

*Warrior Embodiment SP [5:00]

*Lover Embodiment SP [5:00]

*Father Embodiment SP [5:00]

*Lionheart Embodiment SP [5:00]


And for EACH:


*Objective AND *Subjective versions [5:00]

*Subjective [Divine] Affirmationals [5:00 x 6]

*AIRs [5:00]

*Lightworking versions [5:00]


*Lightworking solo tracks [5:00]

*Whispers (from the future/fully embodied-expressed self to now/shadow-self)

*Video (and photo) demos of each of your [85] Lightworking receiving positions to integrate (these will also be cued in the Lightworking version in addition to my energy work already going on)

*Lover Mix (w/female audio) Added for Lover, Lionheart s-SPs


Guided yang Attunement 8


*General Divine Feminine Embodiment [11:43]

*Sexy Chi Lightworking: Prepmed1 [20:00]

*Goddess SP [6:00]

*Queen SP [6:00]

*Muse SP [6:00]

*Priestess SP [6:00]




*W.A.R. Mixes for Goddess, Priestess

*AIRs [6:00]

*Lightworking versions

*Solo Lightworking tracks

*2 Secret Lightworking Codes Techniques (to use with your favorite divas)

*Video (and photo) demo of each of your Lightworking positions to integrate (these will also be cued in the Lightworking version in addition to my energy work already going on)


Plus all future video mixes (in HD)

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G8 is the next-level of masculine transformation and evolution. If relating to powerful, beautiful sexy people and THEIR connection to source matters to you, g8 is for you.


This is about resonance in oneness with great star power and divine feminine embodiment. It's a new path like Western NG to relate to powerful women as their equal without anxieties so they can see and know their self-reflection (even advancement) in you.


G8 as a self-transformational resource (with divine support) can do a lot of the transformation but what level of results will vary from one person to the next. More direct work with Rion or deeper releasing to be a vessel is always another exploratory option @ his active rates or a package.




What if investing in G7/8 only increased your princeliness, lionheartedness and sex appeal by only 15%? How dramatically could that change your life and how others perceive you or the quality of your attraction and relationships?


Would that be worth this small investment?


Remember that you do get the full 90 days karma-free credit/refund. I might change it in the future (although not for past customers) b/c of the energ work involved.


Order G7/8 Below


Is this related to Qigong/Chi Kung?


We're doing a mix of QiGong and TLC in the general embodiment exercises. But I feel that this is more relevant than QiGong to us b/c QiGong has a value system of health, vitality and wellness; not embodying eternal greatness like legends of yore or living out the powerful charisma and freedom that ur true soul expression desires.


The Lightworking Codes allows me (and others who get trained in it), to DIRECT the energy and move it with a PERFORMANCE, transformation and enlightened-self-expression valuation of godself.


It's about embracing ur power as a star without having to be famous.


With that said; I can't promise what results u will get. It sounds like there are big expectations with this - There kinda are.


But I've seen the results and impact my energy work has on others (as I've been preparing myself as Lightworker to the Stars) - and how, within minutes, often a decade of work can be done by working energetically including anti-aging someone 15 years in 15 minutes (with witnesses).




Start exploring and experiencing your TRUE, unhinged and eternal masculine power and self with G7/8!


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