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What areas of your life do you want more results or resolution in?  Let Powerliminals DIRECTLY assist your masculine self-transformation and growth of consciousness.  Powerliminals are more than just audio meditations.


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New 2018:

G7: Sex Icon


G7: Magician


New 2017:


>> gYa7/8: Divine Masculine/Feminine Embodiment

Featuring 10 archetypes and Sexy Chi Lightworking Codes integration!




Crystal AIR 2, 3


Guided Yang Attunement 6: Sun/God


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GYA4 & GYA5 + Crystal AIR 1


Guided Yang Attunement 3

GYA Series are premium masculine consciousness transformational resources.


Fearless Approach & Rejection Proof Man




You can read some statements and testimonials on each of the pages.


Self-Esteem (Multi-Component)


Awakened Natural (+ Guided Goddess Attunement 1)


Dissolving Social Anxiety


Divine Abundance


Getting Physical + Hero + Emotional Healing 1


Attracting & Receiving Beauty

(Product for single men)


Guided Yang Attunement 2 (gYa2) + SuperYang



Powerliminals heal deeper, subconscious and otherwise untouchable issues @ their CORE (like SEXUAL issues and anxiety) by engaging different RELEVANT areas of your conscious and subconsciousness and immersing it in spiritual logic and higher vibration (Truth will set you free / all problems can be resolved at a higher level of consciousness) so that your heart, sex and soul subconsciously Dissolves and resolves years of DYSFUNCTIONAL programs and conditioned values and relationships (about sex, beauty, confidence, attraction and worthiness) which are permanently keeping you from that greater empowerment and success no matter what other surface level work you do with visualization, affirmations even forms of meditation, etc.  Powerliminals also include different transformational and healing, releasing modalities that are more direct and effective as you'll discover. 


Also, you may want to grab this Free Report on Sexual Attraction if you're a single man. 


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It's Powerliminal level quality so it will lead you to real, natural results and transformation vs. the games and manipulation of the seduction industry and PUA's.


You can also check out the Vault Series where Rion does some live Powerliminal meditation work with sexual & spiritual alchemist Etienne Charland.



"I've been listening to hypnosis for a long time, eight years now, and I have listened to all types and all styles.  And I have to say that yours is some of the strongest I've ever listening to.  I'd be very interested to hear how you're able to go far beyond the others that I've listened to.  Just out of curiousity, what's your trade secret?" -E.B.


The 'secret weapon' of Powerliminals are designed to get you REAL WORLD RESULTS


These are the FULL versions of our popular boutique online video meditation channel (and include access to the SP/video versions).


Most importantly, they just work when subliminals, hypnosis, meditation and guided meditations often just don't do it for you!  ALL come with a 90 day money-back guarantee so YOU can put them to the test and EXPERIENCE more real and priceless power, freedom, confidence, worthiness, attraction and more.

The answer is spiritual logic which is transformational on its own.  The truth will set you free and once you're conditioned into the truth it dissolves all of the non-truth and clutter away. 

Other secret elements of Powerliminals including valuing and affecting your different types of experiential conscious and subconsciousness.  They're DESIGNED to heal and release through higher consciousness ON the emotional, sexual, co-creative, spiritual and mental planes including each area subconsciously.



Give them shot without any risk...90 days money-back guarantee for this Powerliminal (more coming soon!)



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